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Southern Helm



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Brand: Pacific Headwear
Size: One size fits most

Every hat is hand painted and one of a kind! The paint will last for years and is able to be washed if it gets dirty. (Please follow handling instructions below.)

Use: All hats can be worn in the sun and can get damp. Soaking in water is not recommended.

Care instructions:

*The hats can be washed in the dishwasher but it is not recommended to keep the integrity of the hat itself.
1. Make sure the hat is the only item in the dishwasher
2. Strap it down so it doesn’t move around-I use a hat holder I found online.
3. Add your bleach-free and citric-free dishwashing detergent.
4. Run a warm cycle and turn off the drying cycle.
5. Air dry the hat in a warm spot for a few hours.
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